Why a DNA test for breast implants?

  • Your patient wants to take breast implants or already has them.
  • You are a very knowledgeable doctor who uses the best materials.
  • However, you do not know how your patients immune system will react to the breast implants.

    That's what this test is for.

Your patient's genetic predisposition

In general breast implants are safe. However, things can sometimes go wrong, even if the implant surgery has been carried out correctly and professionally, with the best materials.

Your patient can have a genetic predisposition which makes their immune system react in an extreme manner to breast implants.
To determine whether this is the case with your patient, the Bsure DNA test for breast implants can play a crucial role.

Scientific research

Previous scientific research showed that a genetic predisposition can make the immune system of patients react extremely to dermal filler treatments. A team of doctors collaborating with Bsure Medical conducted further research which confirmed a clear relation between the genetic predisposition and late onset immune mediated reactions to breast implants.

Bsure DNA test for breast implants

Based on the outcomes of this research, Bsure developed a DNA test to determine if your patient has a genetic predisposition causing an increased risk to develop late onset immune reactions to Breast Implants.

Please note that if your patient already did the Bsure DNA test for fillers, it is not necessary to do the Bsure DNA test for breast implants, as both are based on the same genetic predisposition.


Bsure 483

Why is the Bsure Breast implant test important?

Breast implant surgery is safe with a low risk of complications. However, a small group of people (1 to 3%) can have a severe immune reaction to breast implants. 

The Bsure Breast Implant test aims to be a supporting tool to give the right treatment to your patients. A positive test results means your patient has a genetic predisposition causing an increased risk to develop immune reactions to breast implants. In that case, it is not recommended to proceed with breast implants using traditional silicon or other foreign body materials. Alternative solutions would then be recommended.

Pre-launch of the Bsure Breast implant test at AMWC Monaco

The Bsure Breast implant test is now pre-launched, with the aim to present the test to the professionals dedicated to - and consumers of breast implants.

We already presented the Breast implant test together with the Filler test at the AMWC conference in Monaco.

We are working hard to finalise the last parts of our Bsure platform and reporting of the scientific study in order to be able to launch the Breast implant test on the market and make it available to professionals and consumers.


You can pre-order the BSure Breast implant test and leave your data and/or questions through our contact form. 

You can also directly contact us at our e-mail:

We expect the Bsure breast implant test to be launched on the market and to be available from July 2023. We are looking forward to support you all in providing the best treatment to your breast implant patients.