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About us

Bsure Medical is a social enterprise focused on personalized medicine, active in medical science and DNA research related to implants. All of BSure's activities are aimed at enabling the safe and knowledgeable use of implants for both physicians and implant users. Bsure has launched a DNA test for filler treatments in 2021. The profits from the business will be used for future scientific research into reducing serious complications with other implants, such as: breast, hip, knee and heart stent implants.

As a social enterprise, we take the responsibility for information provision, data security, quality procedures and the privacy of patient data very seriously. Under no circumstances will data be used for commercial purposes and/or provided to third parties. For questions or additional information, you can reach us via the contact page.

Our team

Bsure Medical was founded in December 2020 by a team of 4 passionate doctors and researchers, renowned worldwide for their findings in the field of complications with implants. The knowledge of the 4 doctors is complemented by 2 experienced entrepreneurs, a university research institute and a listed multinational focused on personalized pharmaceutical care. All work together to make Bsure Medical a worldwide reference of objective, scientifically based solutions for optimal and safe use of implants.

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Prof.Dr. Jaume Alijotas Reig

Co-founder, Chief Science Officer

Prof. dr. Jaume Alijotas Reig, is a world-renowned expert in immunology. He is professor at the medical faculty of the UAB (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), internist at the University Hospital Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona and head of the systemic autoimmune diseases research group at the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR).

For decades, he has been researching immune-mediated diseases, including those related to implants. He has more than 140 publications to his name, in several renowned scientific journals. With his research he discovered that people with a certain genetic predisposition have an increased risk of immune-mediated side effects with implants. He is co-author of the patent underlying the DNA test of Bsure Medical.

Dr. Simo Schwartz

Co-founder, member of Scientific Committee

Dr. Simó Schwartz is an expert in nanomedicine. He is a former director and board member of CIBBIM-Nanomedicine of the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR). He promotes research into new biomedical advanced therapies and nanotechnology-based applications for clinical practice. He has 16 patents to his name, most of which have been transferred to leading companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, and has co-authored more than 100 articles in high-impact journals. Together with Prof. dr. Jaume Alijotas, he conducted research on the genetic predisposition that leads to an increased risk of immune-mediated side effects due to fillers. He is co-author of the patent underlying the DNA test of Bsure.

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Dr. Frank Niessen

Co-founder, member of the Scientific Committee

Dr. Frank Niessen is a renowned plastic surgeon, specializing in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast and face. He obtained his doctorate in hypertrophic scar formation and now combines academic research into scar formation and wound healing with research into lipofilling, capsular formation and autoimmune complaints. In addition to his work as a researcher at the Amsterdam University Medical Center (AUMC), he is active as an executive plastic surgeon in his own clinic Mittsu-institute. He led research into genetic predisposition to immune-mediated side effects in the Netherlands, which is the basis of the Bsure DNA test for fillers. He is co-author of the article that was published on this subject and has an additional 80 articles to his name.



Dr. Tom Decates

Co-founder, COO and member of the Scientific Committee

Dr. Tom Decates is a KNMG cosmetic doctor, specialized in filler treatments and an expert in related side effects. In addition to his work as an executive doctor in several private clinics in the Netherlands, he is active as a researcher at the Erasmus University Medical Center in the complication center for fillers. He is also a researcher at the AUMC (Amsterdam University Medical Center) where he worked on research on genetic predisposition for an increased risk of immune-mediated side effects due to fillers. He is co-author of the article on the results of this research and has many articles to his name related to safe and responsible filler use.

He is a member of the Scientific Committee, COO and chairman of the board of directors of Bsure.

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Menno Marien

Co-founder, CEO

Menno Marien is the owner of CROSSMO, an innovation consultancy that supports large companies to innovate and guides start-ups in their growth process. He has more than 25 years of experience leading international innovation projects for a wide variety of sectors.

He met Prof. Dr. Jaume Alijotas and Dr. Simo Schwartz in 2014 and introduced them to Dr. Frank Niessen and Dr. Tom Decates. Bsure Medical was established after years of collaboration and research. He has the role of CEO in Bsure and is responsible for business development, international expansion and fund raising for new research for more Bsure solutions.

Remco van Nieuwenhoven


Remco van Nieuwenhoven is owner and co-founder of the Digital Business agency Orange Juice, experts in internet platforms and digital business strategy. He leads, among other things, the digital business and marketing for Hema and the ANWB. He is also the co-founder of several startups in the field of personalized production, products and services.

He has been involved with Bsure from the beginning and is responsible for developing Bsure's internet platform, digital business model and online marketing.



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VHIR (Vall D'Hebron Institute of Research)


Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) is a public institution that promotes and develops biomedical research, innovation and education at the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital (HUVH) in Barcelona. 1,200 researchers and 700 people work on the transfer of the research results to society. VHIR is a leader in biomedical research and holds more than 100 patents. Bsure Medical was founded as a spin-off of VHIR and grants Bsure a worldwide exclusive license of the VHIR patent underlying the Bsure DNA test. VHIR provides Bsure with a direct link to renowned scientific research, researchers and knowledge in the biomedical sector and the capacity for clinical research and validation.


Fagron Genomics

Investeerder en strategisch partner

Fagron, a pharmaceutical multinational, that strives to improve personalized medicine and to make it (more) accessible for patients.

Fagron N.V. is a listed company based in Belgium, with headquarters Fagron BV in Rotterdam, responsible for the operational activities. Active in 35 countries in Europe, USA, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Fagron Genomics, started in Barcelona at the end of 2018, specialized in the development, production and marketing of innovative genetic tests. They have an advanced laboratory. The main products are Nutrigen and TrichoTest. Fagron's vision and strategy is to optimize and innovate personalized pharmaceutical care in collaboration with their customers, pharmacists, prescribers and universities from all over the world. This vision fits in seamlessly with the vision and mission of Bsure Medical and thus forms the basis for a perfect partnership. In addition to financially supporting Bsure, Fagron gives Bsure access to a worldwide distribution channel, enabling rapid global expansion. Fagron Genomics contributes to the progress of Bsure with its advanced laboratory for analyzing the tests, further research and expertise in developing DNA tests.

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