Why the Bsure DNA test for filler treatments?

This patented test has been developed to provide better insight into how your immune system will react to the use of fillers. There is a chance that the use of fillers can lead to serious complications with long-lasting consequences.

You may have a genetic predisposition causing your own immune system to react extremely to the fillers. In this case, your body will reject the fillers.

About the test

Scientific research underlying the Bsure DNA test has shown that there is a certain genetic predisposition which increases the risk of complications after a filler treatment. In the study group of the research, 84% of the people who had the genetic predisposition experienced serious complications due to fillers. The chance of having this genetic predisposition is small, however, if you have it, the risk of serious complications is high. The Bsure DNA test indicates whether you have this genetic predisposition. The result is therefore extremely simple; you either have the genetic predisposition (positive) or you do not (negative). With a positive result, the chance of developing serious complications after filler treatments is high. With a negative result, the chance of developing complications after a filler treatment is not excluded, but will be low. You can find more information about the scientific background in the frequently asked questions.