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We promote the safe and healthy use of foreign body implants, for every individual. In the first instance, we focus on anyone who is considering or has undergone a filler treatment.

Bsure is a social enterprise and reinvests earnings in further research to expand the knowledge and applications on other foreign implants: breast implants, hip-, knee prostheses and heart stents.

Bsure Medical stands for:

  • Personalized medicine: we see each person as an individual with unique characteristics and potential problems; we support individuals and their specific problems.
  • Safety and security when using foreign body materials; we can detect whether someone has a genetic predisposition to a higher risk of complications. We can also inform you via your doctor about possible solutions if there are (serious) complications.
  • Transparency and independent scientifically proven information; about treatments, possible complications, products and all other subjects related to implants.
  • Ongoing research; to improve the safety of treatments with implants made of foreign body materials.