Reduce the risk of complications when using fillers

The DNA test fillers of Bsure Medical detects whether you have an increased risk of serious complications when using fillers. This is because you can have a genetic predisposition for complications with fillers. As your genes do not change, you only have to do the test one time to know if you have the genetic predisposition.

With a positive result, the chance of having serious complications is more than 80%. Therefore, if the test result is positive, the use of fillers isĀ  not recommended.

The patented test is based on scientific research conducted by academic hospitals in the Netherlands and Spain. In collaboration with renowned medical researchers, BSURE has developed the test and made it available to the consumer. The DNA test fillers is an IVD CE self-declared product in accordance with IVDD (98/79/EEC).


Everything for a safe and responsible use of fillers

Safe use of fillers

The chance of having a complication from a filler treatment is relatively small, but can cause serious, permanent complaints. Take the DNA test and find out if you are genetically predisposed to these serious complications.

Taking Sample Personal

Take the DNA sample at home or at the clinic

You can take the saliva sample for the DNA test yourself at home or at one of our partner clinics. In both cases you will receive the results from a doctor.