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Step 1. Place an order

Order the DNA test online (at date only possible in the Netherlands - soon more countries). If you are interested in ordering a test please contact



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Step 2. Delivery of the DNA test

The DNA test will be available at clinics and professionals collaborating with Bsure Medical.




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Step 3. Take the sample

Follow the instructions in the user manual when collecting the sample. It is very important to collect sufficient saliva. If there is insufficient DNA in the sample, it will not be possible to do the test. You can take the sample at home or with your doctor.



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Step 4. Send the sample to the lab

Send the sample to the laboratory for analysis. Do this as soon as possible after taking the saliva sample. The samples are analyzed by Fagron Genomics. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of the sample when it arrives at the laboratory.



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Step 5. Receive test result

Your test result will be known 10-14 days after receiving your saliva sample at the laboratory. You will receive a notification when it is ready. Your doctor or the clinic you selected during the ordering process will contact you to make an appointment to discuss the test results. The appointment can be made via a video call, by telephone or in the clinic.