Reduce the risk of complications when using fillers

The Bsure DNA test for fillers detects whether could have an increased risk of serious complications when using fillers. This can be genetically determined. The test is a one – off. You only have to do it once.

With a positive result, the chance of serious complications is 80% greater than in someone without a genetic predisposition. If the test results are positive, the use of fillers is therefore not recommended.

Why the Bsure DNA test for filler treatments?

This test has been developed to better understand how your immune system will respond to the use of fillers. There is a chance that the use of fillers can lead to serious complications with long-lasting consequences.

You may have a genetic predisposition that makes your own immune system react in an extreme manner to fillers. The fillers are then rejected by your body.

About the test

The test is based on scientific research conducted by academic hospitals in the Netherlands and Spain. In collaboration with renowned medical researchers Bsure has developed the test and made it available to the consumer. The DNA test fillers is an IVD CE self-declared product in accordance with IVDD (98/79/EEC), is UKCA marked and conforms the UK Medical Devices Regulations (2002 no. 618).

Scientific research

The patented test is based on scientific research. The study showed that patients in the study population with a combination of two specific genes had more than 80% chance of serious complications from filler treatments. Medical complications that can occur include chronic and/or localized inflammation that may require months or years of medical treatment and can cause lifelong symptoms. An article on the study and results was published in PUBMED in January 2021 (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33300274/).

The Bsure DNA test shows whether you have this genetic predisposition. The result is therefore very simple: you have the genetic predisposition (positive) or not (negative). With a positive result, there is a high chance of getting serious complications after filler treatments. With a negative result, the risk of developing complications after a filler treatment is not excluded but will be low. 

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How does the test work?

The test will be launched on the UK market in June 2022.

After the launch you will be able to order the test at your clinic/doctor. To do the test, your doctor will take a simple saliva sample and send it to our laboratory for analysis. A few weeks after sending the saliva sample, your doctor or clinic will contact you to discuss the results of the test. 


About us

Bsure Medical is a social enterprise focused on personal medicine and active in the fields of medical science, DNA research and implants. All Bsure's activities are aimed at enabling the safe and knowledgeable use of implants for both clinicians and implant users.

In November 2021 Bsure launched its first solution on the Dutch market: the DNA test for fillers.

The profits from the business will be used for future scientific research into reducing serious complications with other implants, such as: breast, hip, knee and heart stent implants.

As a social enterprise, we take the responsibility for information provision, data security, quality procedures and the privacy of patient data very seriously. Under no circumstances will data be used for commercial purposes and/or provided to third parties. 

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The company and its founders

Bsure Medical S.L. was founded in December 2020 as a spin-off of the research institute of the university hospital Vall D'Hebron in Barcelona (VHIR). In July 2021, the Dutch subsidiary Bsure Medical B.V. was founded in Amsterdam. The founders of both are the doctors and researchers Prof. dr. Jaume Alijotas, Dr. Simo Schwartz (Vall D'Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona), Dr. Frank Niessen (AUMC, Amsterdam) and Dr. Tom Decates (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam). All four passionate doctors and researchers, renowned worldwide for their findings in the field of complications with implants.

Prof. Dr. Jaume Alijotas - Zekerheid en gepersonaliseerde geneeskunde
Prof.Dr. Jaume Alijotas
Simo Photo2
Dr. Simo Schwartz
Dr. Frank Niessen - Genetische aanleg geeft verhoogd risico
Dr. Frank Niessen
Dr. Tom Decates over veilig gebruik van fillers
Dr. Tom Decates

The knowledge of the 4 doctors is complemented by 2 experienced entrepreneurs (the Netherlands) and Fagron (the Netherlands), a listed multinational focused on personalized pharmaceutical care. In addition to being an investor, Fagron also contributes with an ultramodern lab and worldwide distribution channels in the cosmetic sector.